Download GenomeThreader

Below are the available GenomeThreader distributions for Mac (Darwin), Linux, and Windows.

GenomeThreader is provided on an AS IS basis. The developers do not warrant its validity of performance, efficiency, or suitability, nor do they warrant that GenomeThreader is free from errors. All warranties, including without limitation, any warranty or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby excluded.

Please contact me if you are interested in GenomeThreader for Linux ARM.


gth-1.7.3-Darwin_i386-32bit.tar.gz (2020-01-11)
gth-1.7.3-Darwin_i386-64bit.tar.gz (2020-01-11)
gth-1.7.1-Darwin_i386-32bit.tar.gz (2018-09-11)
gth-1.7.1-Darwin_i386-64bit.tar.gz (2018-09-11)

If you get a warning on macOS Catalina (10.15) and later about opening an app from an unidentified developer see this guide.


gth-1.7.3-Linux_i386-32bit.tar.gz (2020-01-11)
gth-1.7.1-Linux_i386-32bit.tar.gz (2018-09-11)


gth-1.7.3-Linux_x86_64-64bit.tar.gz (2020-01-11)
gth-1.7.1-Linux_x86_64-64bit.tar.gz (2018-09-11)


gth-1.7.3-Linux_PowerPCle-64bit.tar.gz (2020-01-11)
gth-1.7.1-Linux_PowerPCle-64bit.tar.gz (2018-09-11)

Windows_i686 (2020-01-11) (2020-01-11) (2018-09-11) (2018-09-11)