Download GenomeThreader

Below are the available GenomeThreader distributions for Mac (Darwin), Linux, and Windows.

If you have signed a non-commercial license agreement before July 2010, please contact me to receive a license file. A license file is necessary for GenomeThreader versions larger or equal to 1.4.0. These versions are much faster than earlier releases.

Please contact me if you are interested in GenomeThreader for Linux ARM.


gth-1.6.6-Darwin_i386-32bit.tar.gz (2016-05-03)
gth-1.6.6-Darwin_i386-64bit.tar.gz (2016-05-03)


gth-1.6.6-Linux_i386-32bit.tar.gz (2016-05-03)


gth-1.6.6-Linux_x86_64-64bit.tar.gz (2016-05-03)

Windows_i686 (2016-05-03) (2016-05-03)